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BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin is a powerful, naturally occurring red carotenoid that's known as a super antioxidant, so it naturally reduces free radicals in the body. It is safe and natural and has been clinically validated in human studies.

BioAstin supports:

  • Joint and tendon health
  • Skin health
  • Energy boosts

Additionally, BioAstin is recommended for increasing sports performance and recovery from exercise.*


Jeanine, Age 44:

"I have been using Bioastin for the last 5 years and I LOVE it!! I have only wonderful and amazing things to say about it. As an avid surfer, canoe paddler and hiker, Bioastin has been a godsend! Not only that but it has helped my joints and overall heatlh remarkably, I use it as part of my daily supplement regime."

Norm, Age 75:

"I am 75 and using your products for many years with great success. Still at gym most days and doing volunteer work like peace corps!"

Leah, Age 51:

"I have been a runner for 25 years and most recently started to experience stiffness in my feet and ankles when I got out of bed in the morning. After a little research I decided to start BioAstin. In about one week I noticed a remarkable difference, no stiffness in the morning. I am now able to get out of bed without hesitation and no limping along for the first hour of my day!"


Nutrex Hawaii was founded in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii in 1990 by Dr. Gerald Cysewski, a world-renowned expert in microalgae and carotenoids. Our Mission is to utilize the benefits of microalgae to improve health and extend lives in the worldwide community.

Carved out of land that was once a barren lava flow, Nutrex Hawaii is located on the pristine Kona coast on the Big Island of Hawaii. Our farm draws on the natural resources that surround us—abundant warm sunlight, pure deep ocean water and 100% fresh water drawn from Hawaiian aquifers to cultivate our algae.

Q: How much BioAstin should I take?

A: We recommend that you take the maximum dosage of 12mg per day to get the best results. If you are an endurance athlete or someone who suffers from extreme joint pain you can take an additional 4mg per day.

Q: Is BioAstin Safe?

A: Yes. Astaxanthin has no known side effects and has numerous clinical studies on its effectiveness and safety.

Q: Can I take this with other medications?

A: BioAstin is a natural supplement with no known interactions with prescription medications. As always, if you are unsure, you should consult your physician.

Where does Astaxanthin Come From?

Astaxanthin is a red pigment found in a wide variety of natural organisms.  It is similar to chlorophyll, which is found in green plants and vegetables, and beta-carotene, which is found in orange plants and vegetables.  Plants and animals that exhibit intense red coloring tend to be very high in astaxanthin, which is itself one of the worlds most powerful carotenoids.

Where is Astaxanthin Found in Nature?

Unlike chlorophyll and beta-carotene, which are both found in terrestrial plants, astaxanthin is found predominantly in marine life.  A form of micro-algae, astaxanthin is consumed by many different types of aquatic life, and it's intense red pigmentation results in these animals having red or pink flesh, or outer shells.

Because of this, one of the highest concentrations of astaxanthin, other than H. pluvialis (the truest form of the micro-algae and what fish eat), is found in Wild Pacific sockeye salmon.  This pigment is what gives the fish's flesh it's signature deep red hue and incredible health-benefitting antioxidant properties.  Other natural sources of astaxanthin include lobster, artic shrimp, crab, crawfish, red trout, algae, and krill.  Red-colored birds often get their coloring by eating fish and plants that are high in astaxanthin, but they do not typically have a high concentration of the pigment in their bodies.

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