Press Releases

Press Releases
August 16, 2013 It's a big day for microalgae by West Hawaii Today newspaper

July 25, 2013 Green (algae) is good: Super Green Snacks for St. Pat's

July 16, 2013 What is Spirulina and Astaxanthin? by Raising Three Savvy Ladies

July 16, 2013 Tuesday Morsels by Foodie Fiasco

July 15, 2013 Spirulina Guacamole + Nutrex Spirulina Benefits by  Your Trainer Paige

July 15, 203 Product Review: Nutrex Hawaii by The Girl's Got Sole

July 15, 2013 Nutrex Hawaii Review by NHerShoes

July 11, 2013 Spirulina for my Struggles by Run Pretty

July 11, 2013 Nutrex Hawaii + Fun with Friends by Enjoy Your Healthy Life

July 11, 2013 Nutrex Hawaii Spirulina All in My Shake by Rabbit Food for my Bunny Teeth

July 9, 2013 What is Spirulina and what are its health benefits? by Sensual Appeal

July 2013 Nutrex Hawaii Spirulina Pacifica by Moon Fitness

June 15, 2013 Marathon Training from Oatmeal in my Bowl

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