Bolster Your Salads

Bolster Your Salads

August 2023

I’m not a chef! Despite not having my culinary license, I’ve cooked for family, friends and myself throughout my athletic career and moving into my senior years!  Nothing has changed except my experimentation with nutrient ingredients. 

 If you’re an athlete, part time exercise enthusiast or just need to eat healthier; take a look at the two super salads below.  I create my own recipes and quite often add or delete new food items that enhance the nutritional value of the salad and also the tastiness.

 There are several key elements that are noted in my two salads and the rationale behind the makeup creates a nutrient dense and satiating meal.   As you experiment with your salads there are several key factors to keep in mind with any alterations, deletions or adding your own super foods.  Take a look at the following list:

  • Don’t add more lettuce - nutrient weak, low fiber and a waste of money.
  • Add nutrient rich greens such as kale, broccoli, arugula, celery and cilantro.
  • Protein is king! Adding another protein triggers your key hormone called Leptin that signals your gut and brain that you’re feeling satiated.  
  • Cold water fatty fish can be substituted from my recipe. Mackerel, tuna, sardines, herring, trout and more! 
  • Eggs are a brilliant choice. Loaded with Iron, calcium, Vitamin A and B and eat the yolk! 
  • Grass Fed Beef, not confined animal feed lot raised cattle. If you want to substitute beef for fish, this is the absolute perfect protein choice. 
  • Chicken free range is also a dandy substitute. 
  • Dark beans in moderation are loaded with protein and fiber 
  • Organic Dairy either hard cheeses, grass fed cottage cheese or whole fat plain yogurt.
  • Avocados are always my go to for an added super fruit that is filling and nutrient rich.

 Dave Scott

    This is not intended to be medical advice.  Consult your healthcare provider before starting a new diet, exercise or health program. 

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