• Energy 101

    Energy 101

Energy 101

Tips for Increasing Energy Levels

Energy. Something that, for whatever reason, seems to be lacking in human beings across the globe. During childhood and the adolescent stages of life, it is
usually in abundance, but when we reach full-blown adulthood, it seems to have mysteriously vanished, leaving many of us feeling chronically fatigued. Why does this happen? How can you get it back? These simple questions usually have simple answers, but the problem is implementing the solutions into our busy, dayto-day lives. However, with a little self-discipline, restoring youthful vibrancy isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

The Sleep Factor

Often times the primary culprit for feeling worn down is simply a lack of sleep. Sleep allows our bodies to recharge and rejuvenate from all of the stresses the
body endures during the day. Not getting enough sleep each night can have detrimental effects on energy throughout the day, as well as lead to a variety of
chronic, long-term health problems. If lack of energy is you’re problem, it is highly important to examine sleep patterns as a potential solution.


If sleep is not the culprit, or perhaps only one of a few, the other major factor is almost always poor diet. Here at Nutrex Hawaii, we will provide you with the supplements that can dramatically increase your energy levels allowing you to accomplish everything you need to do during your busy schedule. You will learn about the amazing supplements spirulina and astaxanthin, and how their inclusion into a daily diet regimen can have powerful effects on not only energy, but overall well-being.

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