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BioAstin®: Trusted by Health Experts. Recommended by Athletes.

Support your healthy lifestyle with BioAstin® Hawaiian Astaxanthin—one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants for results you can feel.

Backed by over 200 scientific studies to support:





Athletic Recovery

Delivering Results You Can Feel

As America’s #1 best-selling astaxanthin supplement, BioAstin offers a variety of benefits to support vibrant, whole-body health.

Joint Health

• Supports joint and tendon health

Skin Health

• Improves skin health with anti-aging benefits
• Protects skin from sun and damaging UV rays
• Improves skin moisture and appearance

Eye Health

• Supports healthy vision and normal eye function
• Protects eye health after excessive blue light exposure

Cardiovascular Health

• Supports a healthy oxidative balance

Athletic Performance & Recovery

• Improves athletic performance
• Supports quick recovery from strenuous exercise
• Reduces joint and muscle soreness after intense exercise

Experience the Benefits of BioAstin Today

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Discover Hawaii’s Secret Super-Nutrient

Astaxanthin is a vital nutrient, powerful antioxidant, and natural carotenoid found naturally in certain species of plants, animals, and microalgae. Backed by over 200 scientific studies, it’s been demonstrated to support healthy joints, skin, eyes, and athletic recovery when taken regularly.

Unlike synthetic supplements, BioAstin is derived from the richest natural source of astaxanthin—a freshwater microalgae called Haematoccus pluvialis, cultivated on our state-of-the-art farm on the pristine Kona coast of Hawaii.

Nature’s Most Potent Antioxidant


stronger than

Vitamin C

stronger than


stronger than

Vitamin E

stronger than

Beta Carotene

Proudly Grown in Nature, Not in a Lab

BioAstin is the only astaxanthin supplement on the market today that’s grown outside, the way nature intended. Instead of artificial light, our astaxanthin thrives in natural sunlight on the sunny Kona coast of Hawaii. It’s fed with fresh drinking water from pristine Hawaiian aquifers—some of the purest water found anywhere on the planet!

And while most supplements come from a variety of sources, we’ve been meticulously growing our own astaxanthin from our beautiful 90-acre farm in Hawaii since 1999. Our superior cultivation techniques, solvent-free CO2 extraction, and dedication to quality ensure the highest possible nutritional content of any astaxanthin in the world. You can feel confident knowing that your supplement was crafted naturally, with the utmost care for the health of our customers and the environment.

Farm to Bottle Purity

With stringent quality control and extensive product testing,
BioAstin is committed to our customers’ safety—delivering the
purest source of natural astaxanthin in a convenient once-a-day

We ensure that every capsule is filled with potent, natural
ingredients with no GMOs or common allergens included.

Perfectly Pure

BioAstin does not contain any:
• Soy
• Yeast
• Wheat
• Gluten
• Lactose
• Fish or shellfish products
• Preservatives
• Pesticides
• Herbicides
• GMOs
• Vegan capsules available

Experience the Benefits of BioAstin Today

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“One of my top supplements…”

“As a coach, advisor, and health educator, I recommend BioAstin for all athletes as it’s the only supplement that supports skin from UV rays, joints, and recovery from training.”

Dave Scott

6X IRONMAN® World Champion, Master Coach, and BioAstin Ambassador

“I noticed the benefits right away…”

“I first heard about BioAstin living in Kona, HI…so I started taking it and noticed almost immediately that my joints felt better doing CrossFit and running. Plus, it was crazy how my skin was protected. I highly recommend this product to anyone that wants to move, protect their skin, and protect their health.”†

Drew Manning

Host of A&E’s hit TV show “Fit to Fat to Fit,” Author of New York Times best-selling book, FIT2FAT2FIT BioAstin Ambassador

“One of Dr. Nature’s most powerful natural medicines…”

“Inflammation is the root cause of all major diseases, and astaxanthin is one of Dr. Nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatories and natural medicines.”

William Sears, MD

UC Irvine, School of Medicine, Nutrex Hawaii Welness Board


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Experience the Benefits of BioAstin Today

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