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Healthy Breakfast Recipes for a Morning Boost

The importance of starting your day with a nutritious breakfast cannot be understated. Taking the time to prepart a healthy meal before you start your busy day sets the tone for everything that proceeds. Unfortunately, many Americans have become accustomed to skipping the most important meal of the day for a few more minutes of sleep, and/or because of the belief it helps with weight loss. Neither of these, however, are actually true or beneficial. Getting up a little earlier and eating a healthy breakfast provides more energy throughout the day. Skipping on the other hand, often leads to unhealthy snacking, or higher food consumption during the first meal of the day, or a combination of both.

Utilize these Spirulina breakfast recipes for a potent boost of nutrition to start your day right. They're simple, quick and provide more than enough nutrition to help you start your day with the right sustenance needed to help you accomplist everything you need to do.
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