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team nutrex-hawaii


meet our team... get inspired

Who is Team Nutrex Hawaii?

From a triathlete who learned to ride a bike because her first date was a bike ride to a 6x world champion triathlete and the lives in between - mothers, fathers, teachers, coaches, motivators, elite and pro athletes who support the communities that support them.

Athletes who go above and beyond to share the love of their sport - to encourage keiki and kupuna (children and elders) to live an active and healthy lifestyle and to get out and experience the best of life! Our ambassadors were born to inspire. The thrill of living life to its fullest and spreading the spirit of aloha runs deep within… they lead by being pono - righteous!

Meet our team…

Interested in sharing what you love to do and helping us spread the word about BioAstin and Hawaiian Spirulina? To join our team, email your bio to: Mahalo!