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This healthy environment supports a healthy farm.

Carved out of lava fields, and fed by bright natural Hawaiian sunlight, clean crisp air, and lava-filtered Hawaiian aquifer water.

Dr. Gerald R. Cysewski, Founder & CEO of Cyanotech Corporation and Nutrex Hawaii

It Matters Where and How It’s Grown

Meet Dr. Gerald Cysewski, Founder & CEO

Celebrating National Earth Month. Healthy Earth, Healthy Life. Microalgae research specialist Dr. Gerald R. Cysewski came to Keahole Point on the Big Island of Hawaii in 1984 to develop the world’s first large scale system for spirulina under continuous cultivation. Dr. Cysewski located his company along the Kona Coast due to the location’s ideal conditions—abundant sunshine, fresh drinking water, trade wind breezes, and ultra-deep ocean water used to supplement the culture process. From the start, Dr. Cysewski has overseen each step of our farm and production facility, setting the standard for astaxanthin. We are proud to have pioneered this growing industry, providing the benefits of careful and scientifically cultured microalgae for healthy nutrition worldwide.

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Our Hawaiian 96-Acre Farm at Keahole Point, Kona, Hawaii, USA

Farmed in our ponds. Processed in our plants. Bottled for your health.

From the start, our founder Dr. Gerald Cysewski has overseen each step of our farm and production facility, setting the standard for commercial scale microalgae cultivation and harvesting. Our microalga are grown with the purest resources on our Kona Coast farm – allowing us to deliver the highest quality microalgae.

  • Nutrex Hawaii Cultivating microalgae


  • Hawaiian Astaxanthin Harvesting


  • CO2 extraction on site in Kona


  • Nutrex Hawaii Quality Control Testing


  • Hawaiian Spirulina Tablet processing at the farm in Kona


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