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Brooke Myers


Where do I begin? I grew up in the sunshine state of Florida. Lived in Sarasota for the majority of my time there, then moved to West Palm Beach, where I went to college. I studied psychology and began working on my Master's Degree in Mental Health (however, I did not finish the program.) I was ready for something different, something more than Florida had to offer me at that time and that is when I decided to move to Hawaii. I landed in Hawaii in July of 2006 and have been here ever since. I am with one of the coolest bike mechanics on the island, Nick Nelson who is owner/ operator of Velofix Hawaii. We have two amazing and totally wild children together. Whistler is our 10-year-old son who loves Lego's, fishing, and bike riding. Our youngest is our daughter Hutson, she is 3 going on 16 who loves baby dolls and barbies. She is definitely one of the coolest little girls ever, but a lot of work. These kiddos keep this mamma active and alert. Not only am I actively chasing them around, I like to chase those outdoor miles too.

So yeah, in a nutshell this is me. 14 years and counting teaching Yoga and Fitness, a year of substitute teaching in the Elementary Schools, my beautiful family, lots of wonderful friends, an AMAZING Island, healthy supplements to support this body and mind of mine - I guess I would say I have it pretty good and I am thankful where my path has led me thus far!


I Take BioAstin

Fitness has always been a part of my world; I grew up doing gymnastics, danced in high school and some in college. Fitness of all kinds continues to be a part of my world, even more so living in Hawaii. I enjoy running marathons and chasing longer distances, although I am working my way back to it right now, after having Hutson this body was hit hard and has required some personal attention. Thankfully I have the ability to ground down with some yoga and mindfulness to balance it all from day to day. Not only does yoga and fitness help, let's not forget how much I need my superfood, Hawaiian Spirulina. Delicious and nutritious! Keeps me mentally and physically alert and thanks to BioAstin for supporting these joints.