Dan Gampon

Dan Gampon


I am a Filipino / American triathlete based in Kona Hawaii. I love living and training in Kona... Home of the Ironman World Championship Triathlon! I train under the guidance of retired pro triathlete James Cotter, a New Zealand Kiwi based out of Utah. I train typically between 10-16 hours per week. 

My favorite workout? 7x1K hill repeats on a hill just outside my front door. I love this workout because it builds muscle endurance that's needed for triathletes and helps build strong forward knee drive for better running technique. 

When I'n not training I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend and our cat Ollie. He's super playful, rough and enjoys naps like me! Napping is definitely my favorite hobby ha ha! Seriously though, I do like to hit the beach after work and surf on my longboard foamie. 

My favorite foods are poke with 2 scoops rice and a side of ho'io salad from Umeke's, BBQ chicken, my moms chicken adobo and her homemade pancit! 

I Take BioAstin

I started taking BioAstin because of my mom. I was 12 years old and I just started outrigger canoe paddling. She told me about BioAstin and told me it would help with my muscles, skin and eyes. I had to try it because I was very interested in anything that would help me be the best athlete I could be. Thanks to mom, 12 years later, I'm an accomplished athlete who loves being fit and healthy... mom knows best! I strive to be my fittest and healthiest self everyday. One motivator? When I was a kid I was chubby and got bullied.

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Race Highlights 

2X Ironman World Championship Finisher (2013 & 2018)

3X Ironman 70.3 World Championship age group winner (2015 Hawaii, 2017 Calgary, & 2018 Hawaii)