Danny Sepkowski

Danny Sepkowski


Award winning Danny Sepkowski is from Ewa Beach Hawaii and grew up a military child. His family was always moving but always came back to Hawaii. His father was stationed in Hawaii twice which allowed Danny to grow up here and enjoy paradise. His father eventually retired in Hawaii and that's where they all are today! Danny adds, "my mother is Korean, so you know I can hustle!"

What keeps you active?

"I am a water photographer so bodyboarding big waves go hand in hand. My photography accomplishments have developed over the past few years. I was recently named a winner in the 2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest which is by far the biggest milestone for me! I have worked for Oakley shooting the Ironman event numerous times and my work continues to gain international exposure."  

What do you do when your out of the water?

"I currently work at a holistic health center called Performance Rehab Orthopedics. It has changed my life in terms of nutrition and how I take care of my body. I also work part-time at a restaurant which provides health insurance and a little bit of a social life!  Drumming is also something I'm trying to get back into!"

Any favorite foods?

"Lately Korean food and I have started a better balance nutrition wise. Though a variety of food is essential to me!"

I Take BioAstin

"Because it it helps me recover and gain nutrients that I need after a six hour swim in heavy waves. Taking BioAstin with a well balanced meal has given me results that blew my mind!"  

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