Dean Chaouche

Dean Chaouche


Five time freedive British record holder Dean Chaouche grew up surfing. Surfing was his first love and inspired his relationship with the ocean. He's surfed all over the world, some of his favorite places to surf are Indonesia and France. He picked up climbing in Egypt and fell in love with the sport. "There are many parallels with free diving and rock climbing. It's a very mental pursuit where you need to trust and believe in your body's ability" says Chaouche. "I also enjoy snowboarding, I spent a season in the Alps and it was epic! I can't wait to return to the mountains!" Chaouche added. 

What's does your training entail to be a world class freediver? "I have a varied training plan where I combine heavy volumes of pool training along with dry training (static breath holds and stretching) and depth training. Depth is also split up into more base phase training and finally, deep diving, which is mainly just diving deep and then resting a lot. This happens a few weeks prior to a competition. I also supplement my training with vigorous body resistance workouts that focus heavily on core and functional strength.. During the latter stages of training the emphasis swings towards flexibility. Which is why I practice yoga. I enjoy yoga very much!"  

Any favorite foods? "That's a tough one" says Chaouche! "I eat a primarily plant based diet so fresh fruit and veggie dishes. If I eat fish it's because I caught it myself or if I know it was caught in a sustainable manner. I don't eat meat primarily from an environmental stand point, health and ethics are also defining factors. Making sure that my diet is varied and provides the nutrition I need is fundamental to my training. I couldn't train at the level that I do without nutrient dense super supplements like BioAstin and Pure Hawaiian Spirulina." 

I Take BioAstin

"After reading about BioAstin and the potent antioxidant qualities I knew it was a must. When we train breath holding we generate huge amounts of CO2 in our blood and body. This CO2 is acidic and so our bodies need to work extra hard to revert our bodies back to it's slightly alkaline form. We also produce huge amounts of free radicals during training and so it's essential for us to combat this with alkaline forming foods and antioxidants. BioAstin is simply perfect for post diving recovery! As I've been taking BioAstin, I've also realized a noticeable gain in endurance and stamina during my training, so I simply can't praise the product enough! Pure Hawaiian Spirulina is also a big part of my nutrition. I started taking it when a friend recommended it. It has the best vitamin and mineral profile along with the best taste and quality. One of the main reasons I take Pure Hawaiian Spirulina is for the iron levels, which, as an athlete on a plant based diet, is hugely important!"

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Dive Highlights

World ranked #3 in 2016 and 2018 

World ranked #5 2017

Broke 1st British record with 74m CNF dive at VB 2016

Broke 100m barrier in CWT at VB 2016

Bronze overall and silver in CNF at VB 2016

Broke own National record by 4m with 78m CNF dive in Dominca

Broke first FIM British record at VB 2017 w/ 98m dive

Broke own CNF record to 82m / 8th deepest dive in CNF history

Silver medalist at first AIDA World Championship FIM 2017

Bronze CNF at VB 2018