Donica & Abraham Shouse

Donica & Abraham Shouse


Meet Abraham and Donica! Abe was born in Arizona and Donica in Oregon. They met while surfing Lyman's in Kona. Donica says, "it's such a classic story! It was a good size day with gorgeous glassy waves breaking outside the bay. I was surfing with my girlfriend and he kept calling me into his waves. Inviting me to drop in as he flew past, sometimes spinning to keep eye contact. Our chemistry was pretty apparent; I remember my girlfriend and I giggling about it. That was in 2005 and we've shared a lot of waves since then. Abe and I are really grateful to have built a life around sharing surfing stoke and super foods!"

What have you two been into lately?

"The last few years hydrofoiling has nearly taken us over but we still make time for traditional surfing and not to long ago we learned to windsurf. We do love being a part of Hulakai's events like the Race to Fitness series and we try to attend as many of the local surf events as possible.

We're both Foil Surf professionals with Starboard's Dream Team. We've been helping design boards and wings the last few years. We were just in Thailand and Bali surf testing the latest equipment. Abraham is currently building electric hydrofoils, find out more on Instagram @wefoil."

What sort of training do you both do?

"Club swinging is a powerful shoulder and brain balancing martial art from India. Stretching while swinging long clubs with slow controlled movements builds strength and mobility in the arms, shoulders and core.

Tabata is a quick and explosive workout that can be customized with your favorite exercises. For example squats; as many as you can (with good form) in 20 seconds then rest for 10 seconds and repeat this cycle 8 times with a final minute rest. Each cycle could be a different exercise. I love tabata because it's quick, you can do it anywhere and it raises the mood and metabolism for 24-48 hours.I also have a go to 20 minute yin yoga flow to balance out all the yang of an active day and relax after a long session in the water.  

Free diving and underwater rock running are great ways to become more comfortable in high pressure situations like surfing."

We Take BioAstin

"BioAstin is a fountain of youth that I discovered about 15 years ago. The benefits accumulate so it just gets better with time. I first started taking BioAstin for the sun protectiveness benefits, I noticed a big difference right away and stuck with it. Within weeks I noticed the long list of benefits manifesting. I felt less muscle soreness and shorter recovery time after surfing. BioAstin is a game changer. It's my favorite thing to give out during the holidays because it is the gift that keeps on giving. And I always tell people, 'we have more to give when we take care of ourselves.'  I gave so much away on our last trip to Thailand and Bali that I ran out myself. I didn't necessarily notice right away because I had accumulated enough in my system. I did notice when I got home and started taking it again! My skin feels younger, stronger and softer with my 12mg's of BioAstin everyday." 

 *Results may vary

What's work life? Any hobbies?

"We teach electric hydrofoil lessons and do ocean adventure tours on efoils. It's the funnest thing ever! Book online at .

Starshot media is our all inclusive photo/video company specializing in drone, underwater and surf story telling. 

We're both creative types. A couple times a year Abraham surprises me with some functional wall hanging, step stool or gorgeous table. He's made the most gorgeous canoe paddles, bamboo SUP surf paddles and dozens of traditional alaia surfboards. This year I've been doing more with acrylics. Mostly painting waves but also some island landscapes, flowers and lava. Hawaii is such a beautiful and inspiring place! I love waking up early and painting during the sunrise."

Nutrition? Favorite foods?

"We've phased out all animal foods and most processed foods and we've noticed huge gains in the flavor of food. Very little added salt, sugar or oil because of the damage it does to our taste buds and our entire system. But all that can be fixed by cutting out the junk! New taste buds are born every two weeks! 

Our largest health insurance carrier, Kaiser Permanente, recently published in their journal that "physicians should consider recommending a plant based diet to all their patients". As time passes my appreciation for plant food deepens. I love pretty much all fruits and vegetables but I'm most obsessed with legumes right now. Some heirloom beans are like colorful little jewels and some taste like 'fully loaded potatoes' in each bean. There are over 40,000 different types of legumes in the world!"