Eddie O

Eddie O


Eddie O is the Big Island Branding Specialist for Nutrex-Hawaii and is a local race announcer. You can see him at most Big Island race EXPO's repping for Team BioAstin and then listen to him race announcing. "I'm known as a race announcer but I'm really just a cheerleader with a microphone! One Big Island runner called me the best race heckler! I kind of like that because one thing is for sure, I'm having a lot of fun on race day and I truly enjoy encouraging all the athletes... from beginners to pros!" 

Eddie O has been known to participate in Big Island races as well. "My biggest Big Island race was crossing the Ironman Triathlon World Championship finish line on Ali'i Drive in 2015. It was one very long journey! From falling in love with the sport many years ago, participating in shorter distance triathlons and working my way to a full ironman. My twin daughters are fans of the sport as well and they are my biggest cheerleaders for sure." 

"I'm no elite athlete but I used to be pretty fast. One day though, during a speed workout, I decided that I'm done trying to go fast. So I stopped using my stop watch and trained to have fun, give out high fives, thank volunteers and finish strong." 

"My favorite discipline is cycling. I raced BMX between 10 and 16. Plus my bike was my main form of transportation. It's how my friends and I got together. We rode our bikes everywhere! Today, when I get on my bike, it brings me back to those days. Having fun and laughing with my brother and our friends. I do enjoy swimming as well, it was the discipline I had to work hardest at. It's nice here in Hawaii, I find comfort in the beauty of our ocean while training." 

I Take BioAstin

"I started taking BioAstin when I turned 40 and my left ankle became arthritic. I broke it twice while in college. I could no longer run... until the BioAstin kicked in! Now it's a part of my overall nutrition for joint and skin health, quick muscle recovery from exercise, it's anti-aging benefits and overall health. I never get sick! Sure I work for the company now but I like to tell people, I was a user before a pusher!"

What keeps you motivated? "My twin girls for sure! They know I'm having a good time all while being active. I want to be around for a long time for them and my future grand kids. I like keeping kids motivated as well. Whenever I'm speaking to one child or many, I let them know that one of the things I enjoy most about being active is making friends. Especially at races! You meet so many like minded people! That's why I used to race, today, it's why participate."

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