Flavian aka Prince

Flavian aka Prince


Born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii and currently residing in Albuquerque New Mexico... Meet MMA fighter Prince! 

His first MMA fight was on a BJ Penn card and he fell in love with the sport and moved to L.A. and was ranked top 5 as an amateur with a 7 and 1 record. Prince enjoys the purity of combat, "kill or be killed", the ups and downs of fighting and striving to be a 100% bad ass. 

What are some of your goals? "I want to be a champion, a good role model, stay healthy, have as much fun as I can everyday, create a good life for me and my family, come home and start a gym and manage our next generation of fighters."

What do you do when your not training? "Spend time with my beautiful girlfriend! I also enjoy surfing, downhill mountain biking, snowboarding, fishing and downtime. On Friday's, Saturday's and Sunday's I'm a professional server working the tables." 

I Take BioAstin Because...

"I train a lot! Sometime 3 times a day 5 days a week. My workout weeks include MMA sparring, swimming, strength and conditioning, kick boxing sparring, Brazilian jujitsu, wrestling, MMA technical striking, ground and pound and flexibility and recovery... that's why I Take BioAstin." 

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