Jessea Lu PhD

Jessea Lu PhD


Jessea was born in Changzhou City, China. Like most 80's babies in China, she was raised in a family with a strong emphasis on children's education. After college, she accepted a scholarship to study biomedical science in the United States where she received a PhD degree in Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacogenetics. Just when everyone in her life thought working in medicine and doing scientific research was what she was going to be doing for a comfortable living , fate had a different plan for Jessea.

She fell in love with free diving. So, she took a leap of faith and moved to Hawaii where she dove every weekend. During her first few years in Hawaii, diving was her hobby, passion, source of joy and a way with socializing with friends. She didn't anticipate becoming a professional athlete! During those years, she took on a lot of work both in the chemistry lab and from home. She felt fulfilled that way. It was in 2015 when she committed to "just-come-join-us-in-the-training-and-play" in a freediving competition organized by her diving instructors and good friends that she realized she really enjoyed competing and could start competing at 30. She broke 5 national records in her first competition! 

Since her first competition Jessea has competed around the world including Bahamas, France, Spain, Greece, Philippines, Japan, China, Honduras, Grand Cayman, Hawaii, Australia. She also dove in extreme environments like Antarctica and Norway. 



I Take BioAstin

"Occasionally, I hunt for seafood and I like to cook. I love my lifestyle! It's important to find a good balance between exercising the mind, training the body and rest. It's equally important to choose nutrient rich foods and take essential supplements for what I do."

"I take BioAstin and Pure Hawaiian Spirulina because they provide high amounts of iron, vitamins, various antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances. I've been taking both after every training session since I took the challenge to become a better free diver. I can hold her breath for 8 minutes and dive to over 300 feet."

Free Diving Highlights

1X World Record

4X Continental Record [Asia]

29X National Record [China]

Gold Medalist, Asia Free Diving Cup 2019

Gold Medalist, Atlantic Free Diving Cup 2018

Gold Medalist, Caribbean Cup 2017

Gold Medalist, Deja Blue 2017 and 2016

Silver Medalist, AIDA World Championship 2017

Silver Medalist, Vertical Blue 2016

Free Diving Instructor Trainer, PFI

Scientific Diver, University of Hawaii