kristin old

kristin old


You can find Kristin on the water, the road or in the classroom! Kristen is an outrigger paddler, triathlete and a high school math teacher. She also enjoys archery and making jewelry. 

Her goal in life? "To never stop challenging myself!" And WOW has Kristen challenged herself! Here are some of her past accomplishments: 6 Ironman triathlons (3 world championships), 8 half-ironman  triathlons with 3 top 5 finishes in her age group, 1st place overall female at the 2015 100% Pure Kona Coffee Half Marathon, 9th in her first time racing the Molokai World Championship in her OC1 and 2nd place overall female in the senior division at the Hawaii State Regatta! 

What keeps you motivated?

"I have a pint of ice cream in the freezer... always!"

I Take BioAstin Because...

"BioAstin is a powerful anti-oxidant that prohibits free radicals from internal and external stressors from damaging my body. Hours of training in the ocean on my OC1 or on the road running or cycling, teaching high school mathematics, and the powerful Hawaiian sun are frequent strains on my body. BioAstin doesn't allow these free radicals to negatively affect my performance, but instead gets me ready and prepared for my next workout, work-day and on the start line to my next goal."

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