Max Germond started surfing when he was 5 years old at his home break: Banyans on the Kona Coast. Max taught himself how to surf and at a young age was charging waves twice his size! The "uncles" at Banyans gave him the nickname MadMax and it's been with him ever since. 

Max is motivated by the ocean! Short board? Long board? body board? SUP? diving? Yes to all of the above! "I need my daily dose of vitamin sea!" says Max. "I like surfing in contests too because it makes me push myself to my limits" he added.  

MadMax competes in the Big Islands Hawaii Surfing Association circuit and was ranked #1, 11 and under, for the 2018-2019 season. Max is great at balancing his surf life with school life and has received several school awards on top of his surfing trophies. 

When he's not at the beach Max gets training in by boxing and he enjoys doing things with his hands like gardening, crafts and painting. 

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