mikey redd

mikey redd


Mikey currently resides on Oahu's North Shore. He has been featured in several surf publications including Surfer Magazine, Freesurf Magazine, Surfers Journal and Surfline. He has won prestigious surf competitions including Surfline’s Wave of the Winter. And also competes on the WSL's QS. 

What are some of your career goals? "I want to get on the Big Wave Would Tour and win the title. One of my main goals is to be invited to the Eddie Aikau invitational at Waimea Bay.  It would be an honor and a dream come true."

When not traveling the world and training to surf the best waves, he can be found volunteering his specialties as a Waterman for many non-profits such as Surfers Healing, Access Surf, Boys and Girls Club, Surf For All and many other charities.

What keeps you motivated? "Surfing Pipeline, Jaws, and Teahupoo. My life is based around the ocean and surfing these waves. I risk my life doing what I love."

Mikey currently competes on the QS events tour while earning points to reach his goal of qualifying for the Triple Crown and Pipe Masters. "I am committed to achieving these goals," Mikey says.

 I Take BioAstin 

"I take BioAstin because, it's one of nature's strongest antioxidants and it’s locally grown on the Big Island of Hawaii. BioAstin helps with cardiovascular support during long days of surfing and hard workouts. BioAstin is great for my skin and helps protect it under the hot Hawaiian sun especially during long surf sessions.*"

Do you have any favorite workouts? "My favorite work out is stability strength training with alternate days of cardio and endurance."

Career Highlights

2016 O'Neill Wave of the Winter Winner 

2017 ProTest Ecoboard Challenge First Place

2018 Air Tahiti Nui Rangiroa Pro Second Place