Patrick Stover

Patrick Stover


Patrick has been active ever since he was a keiki....he would run everywhere and climb everything! He began running competitively as a freshman at Konawaena High School and was a stand out cross-country and track runner. Not knowing any better, he ran in basketball shoes... he didn't have to lace them and he thought that was cool! By the time Patrick was a senior, he was second in the state as a cross-country runner and second in the state in the 800 meter run.

Without any proper training, he ran his first marathon at 19. It was not his most enjoyable run... so bad that he didn't run for another 5 years! Feeling out of shape he ran his second marathon and finished at almost the same time as his first marathon! Since that second marathon he started to see improvement in his running and became intrigued by running further... Ultras! Running became his passion!   

Self improvement motivates Patrick. After taking off 5 years from running he realized he needed to set goals. "Now I'm intentional about having goals." Patrick added, "goals give me direction! By achieving our goals, we find confidence to set even bigger goals! There was a time when I didn't believe I could run 100 miles in one week... let alone in one race! But I now believe that I am just beginning to find my full potential. By taking small and then bigger steps, we can become who we were meant to be!"

What do you do when your not training?

"I'm usually just relaxing. I'll go to the beach and just sit and watch the ocean, listen to music and read a book. Or it's lazy days at home watching movies, playing games  and spending time with my wife. She's the one who likes doing things outside so I'll tag-a-long and see and do things I would not have otherwise!"


I Take BioAstin...

"I enjoy running all distances now. And I take nutrition and supplements more seriously! Running high mileage means a lot of pounding on my body, which makes me prone to inflammation, BioAstin is key to fighting inflammation and helps me recover faster! Living in Kona means training in hard conditions. I like the hot sun, but I know need to protect my skin. I'm not always on top of wearing sunscreen, but taking BioAstin is like having internal sunscreen! It definitely helps my vision and my joints too!" 

*Results may vary

What's your favorite food?

"I like the Korean chicken at Pine Trees Cafe. I like kimchee saimin with eggs. Poke... smoked meat, laulau with rice and kailua pork and cabbage. It's hard to have just one favorite here in Hawaii! On race day it's "Mama" Kendra Ignacio's cookies!"