First question Peaman, how did you get your name?

“My name began when I was just a kid and every day, I would show up early for school with whatever sporting equipment was required to have fun. I would bring footballs, basketballs, baseballs, gloves and bats, etc. everything needed to play every day! One of the aunties began calling me PEA Pronounced “Pay A" no okina or accent and the word in Hawaiian means fair, carnival, celebration etc. so when we added the two words together PEA MANA , it became celebrating or playing with great spiritual energy! Americanized, it became “PEAMAN!!” 


What was your childhood like?

“I was born in Manhattan Beach California and moved to Kailua-Kona when I was five years old. Raised in Kona since then and went to kindergarten through eighth grade at Kealakehe and graduated high school from Konawaena. The thing I’d like to share about my childhood days is that I always loved sports of any kind and being outdoors, surfing, swimming, football, track, basketball baseball etc. or just playing in the bushes as we did as kids. I feel very blessed to have grown up here in a much simpler time!”



All those sports! Is that what lead you to racing as an adult?

“It was an extreme honor to be inducted as the youngest person ever into the Big Island sports Hall of Fame! Although I finished the Kona Ironman triathlon four times, I would not really consider it a highlight in comparison to the fun and camaraderie of both PEAMAN and Team Mango races! I really loved playing football as well as running track and cross country where you were part of a team even though you raced individually! I’ve surfed in surf contests, competed in archery, track, and cross country but I really love the multi-sport of swim-bike-run and the many friends and family that I’ve made in our multi-sport ohana!”

What’s your training and nutrition regime like?

“Training life is pretty simple, just balancing swimming, playing on my bike and walking. I only run on race days to preserve my bones and joints. I also spend a lot of time at Fitness Forever, the gym I’m a partner in. I just really like being outdoors, anywhere from the ocean to the mountains. Nutrition is pretty balanced - I don’t believe in eliminating any food groups. I eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, rice, and any kind of meat especially fish, beef, turkey etc. Being raised in Hawaii my favorite food is probably POI!"



 I Take BioAstin

“I take BioAstin and Pure Hawaiian Spirulina for the outstanding nutritional benefits that I get. BioAstin is great for my skin, my eyes, and my recovery from exercise. Terrific for many areas of our general health and energy!”

Tell us about your community based events.

“Frozen Pea Productions events began in November 1987 we are now in our 33rd year and have organized over 400 events - all absolutely free! Originally, I began a series of events because many of our great Big Island races were being canceled due to the high cost of insurance. I wanted to create something that families could do absolutely free and guilt free, meaning I didn’t even want to ask for donations. The short distances make it doable for anyone of any age and originally the races were very competitive both individually and the relay teams or split peas! Over the years, more and more kids started participating and we basically buy them toys to encourage/bribe them to participate! It has worked very well as many kids would usually just be at home playing on some electronic device but if they only have to do a short swim and run to pick out a toy and get to play with their friends They are usually the ones waking their parents up before the race saying, ‘come on we got to go!’ This makes me really stoked! The events bring families, friends and people in general together, celebrating the blessing of being able to move physically, enjoy the camaraderie and fellowship as well as building gratitude for the beauty were surrounded by and get to enjoy on a daily basis! I can’t believe the events have been around for over 32 years and it would be awesome to try to hit 40 years and over 500 events! As long as the state is willing to give us permits and the costs don’t go much more than they are now which is about $12,000 a year for insurance, prizes, permits, snacks and water - and the huge fee we pay for this awesome race announcer named Eddie O! *wink wink*”