Polina Carlson

Polina Carlson


After a semester at the University of North Carolina, where she played tennis, she transferred to the University of West Alabama where she continued to play tennis. At practice her coach noticed she outran everyone during their running drills... even the boys! Her coach encouraged her to workout with the cross country-team to stay in shape and and increase her competitive edge. Joining the cross-country team changed her life. She fell in love with tennis and eventually focused on running and becoming a faster runner. Challenging herself to increase her speed became fun and addicting!

In 2012 she ran her first marathon in Honolulu where she now called home. On that day she couldn't have dreamed how many doors would open for her. She was the first overall female finisher from Hawaii and was top 10 among the elite woman. Now she's seeing the world and embracing the moments the sport gives back to her. She's living her dreams and learning about new cultures and making new friends.

She loves talking to young girls who share the same passion for running. Her greatest desire for them is to discover that no matter how successful one becomes, it's important to remain humble and be thankful. Running is selfless. She is always encouraged by the support runners give to each other. "It is truly special and inspiring!" Polina says.  

Polina added, "It's not always easy, but I want to inspire everyone who has ever had a dream to follow it. Step out and find the courage to just give it a try and make that dream a reality. I believe that the possibilities out there are endless and can be greater than the depths of the ocean our little island rests on. Aloha!" 


Why I Take BioAstin 

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