Rani Henderson

Rani Henderson


Rani has been running ever since she was a little girl but didn't realize her potential until she graduated from college. During high school, she excelled in team sports such as basketball, bowling, cheer and softball. However, the level of team competition and expectations at the collegiate level were much higher, needing to keep herself fit, she took up running. 

"It opened up a whole new world for me," she said. "I could run anywhere at anytime, go as fast or as slow as I wanted, and didn't have any outside expectations to excel but my own." 

From there she began competing in numerous road races across the state and thought she'd be a pure runner forever. That was until she met her husband, Penn,  who was a nationally ranked alpine skier, competitive cyclist and triathlete.

"Penn had to teach me how to ride a road bike because it just so happened to be one of our first dates," she laughed. "Later, it became something fun we would do together, and after learning how to swim, I was able to follow him into the world of triathlon."

Now, years later and chasing two boys of her own, being healthy and active is a lifestyle she would like to pass onto her kids.   

Rani adds, "My kids inspire me everyday and push me to be the best version of myself. And by modeling a healthy and active lifestyle, I want them to grow into the best version of themselves and know there is no limit to what they can do."

What are some of your favorite workouts? "I love the freedom of early morning runs or runs while pushing my boys in a double stroller, swimming with dolphins in Kailua Bay and riding my bike with my hubby Penn." 

What do enjoy doing when your not training? "I love picnicking at the beach or poolside with my hubby and two boys." Favorite food? "I have a total weakness for Ghirardelli semi sweet dark chocolates and Okinawan sweet potatoes."


I Take BioAstin

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Race Accomplishments

2X Ironman World Championship Finisher

5X Honolulu Marathon Kama'aina Champion

10X Kona Half Marathon Champion

Triathlon Wins: Miyajima International Triathlon's Woman's Champion, Hiroshima Japan / Lavaman Keauhou Olympic Distance Woman's Champion / 2X Hilo Triathlon Olympic Distance Woman's Champion / XTERRA Mountain Man Triathlon Woman's winner.