Shelby Rivera

Shelby Rivera


Growing up in Waialua on Oahu's North Shore, Shelby says, "While everyone was surfing big waves I was riding horses. I could ride before I could walk! My love for the sport of rodeo was greatly influenced by my mom who also competed in barrel racing." 

During her high school days she was the wide receiver for the Waialua JV football team, team captain of the girls wrestling team all while competing in rodeos. Shelby also kept it graceful by dancing hula and in 2003 she claimed the title of Ms Hawaii Jr Teen. It wasn't until she moved to the Big Island to attend UH Hilo, where her desire to continue on the path of rodeo, in order to perpetuate our island's paniolo heritage, blossomed. In 2008, she was deemed Miss Rodeo Hawaii continuing onto Las Vegas to compete for the title of Miss Rodeo America and brought home the Most Photogenic award and scholarship!

Since then, she has competed in numerous rodeos trying her best to learn as much as she could while inspiring others along the way. "There is so much you learn from a horse, and through the sport of rodeo. It teaches you patience, respect and responsibility," said Shelby.

After college, Shelby joined the Hawaii Air National Guard as a munitions technician. Now a Sgt., Shelby has been on 2 deployments while still managing to compete in rodeos while on her home turf. She thanks rodeo for keeping her mentally tough and a strong work ethic needed for the military. "In rodeo you have no choice but to be tough because sometimes it's just you in the arena. You need to be both physically and mentally fit." 

You can still find Shelby today competing in local rodeos around the Hawaiian Islands. She currently lives on a ranch in Maui with her fiance, breeding working stock dogs and training horses. She holds a degree in Environmental Studies and began her business 'Rocky Ridge' creating dog treats from invasive species like deer and goats who pose a threat to ranchers and farmers. 

"I find inspiration through inspiring others not only through rodeo but life too. I will never stop participating in rodeos. I love the challenge of it, whether it's a new horse or up and coming talent; there is always something to learn and obstacles to overcome." 

If she's not on a horse she could be out surfing or diving. Or off traveling the world as she loves adventures!

Favorite food? "Cucumbers with mayo/shoyu dip!"

 I Take BioAstin

In 2015 Shelby went on to win her first All-Around Saddle at the Molokai Stampede Rodeo. It was also the same time she started taking BioAstin! Shelby says, "I wanted to push my body to ultimate limits so I set  goal to train for a body fitness competition and knew I needed something to help me with joint health and quick muscle recovery."

In 2016, she competed in the Stingray Bikini Fitness Competition and in 2017 was crowned Miss Globe Hawaii, going onto Miss Globe USA and brought home the first runner up title. Also in 2017, she won the Barrel Race at the All American Rodeo which was a very monumental moment for her Rodeo career. 

For cross-training, Shelby enjoys hunting and hiking but adds, "I don't know about you but lifting feed bags, saddles, scooping horse manure and training 1,200 pound animals is quite the workout if you ask me!"


Miss Jr Teen Hawaii 2003

Miss Rodeo Hawaii 2008

Honoka'a Rodeo Wahine Mugging Champion 2012

Moloka'i Stampede All Around Cowgirl 2015

Moloka'i Stampede Steer Undercoating Champion 2015

Airmen of the year 2016

All-American Rodeo Barrel Racing Champion 2017

Miss Globe Hawaii and Miss Globe USA Runner Up 2017

Timmy's Roping 2nd 8.5 Roping 2018

Kaupakalua Rodeo 2nd Open Team Roping &

2nd Breakaway Roping 2019