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sonni honscheid


Sonni was born on the Island of Sylt in North Germany. She loves to spend time in the water surfing, foiling, windsurfing, paddling her OC 1 or SUP. Her father was a professional windsurfer who took his family around the world where they stayed at some of the most beautiful beaches. "Most of the time we were on Maui, almost 6 months out of the year. When I was 5 years old we moved to the Canary Islands. That's where I learned how to surf, windsurf and later SUP. When I finished school, I studied to be a nurse and tennis trainer, our family opened a surf shop and I started traveling to compete in surf contests. When I did my first SUP race, I really enjoyed the competitiveness! My first international race was "Battle of the Paddle." Soon after I traveled to Hawaii and discovered my love for down-winders. I went back to Hawaii several times to improve my SUP'ing and eventually entered the hardest open ocean race in the world, Molokai to Oahu. I've won that race 3 times in a row." Sonni loves to be out on the open ocean! It gives her the sensation of being free and she loves the challenges the open ocean brings. "I reach my limits then go above them."

What do you enjoy doing when your not on the water training or racing? "My second passion is art! I've had several art exhibitions. I also work as a designer for different brands including Starboard and Jucker Hawaii. I'm an ambassador for Mercedes Benz and they decorated my car with some of my designs."

Any favorite foods? "I love avocados! I'm really easy though when it comes to food, that helps when you travel a lot. I enjoy healthy, simple foods." 

Why I take BioAstin

"I take BioAstin wherever I go! It helps protect my skin from the sun and helps me recover from races and training faster. 

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Career Highlights

6X World Champion

2X Carolina Cup Winner

6X European Champion