Thomas - Tommy Rivs - Rivers Puzey

Thomas - Tommy Rivs - Rivers Puzey


Who becomes a professional athlete because one want's a steady career? Thomas does! On top of being a professional runner Thomas is a speaker, running coach and graduated from Northern Arizona University with in doctorate in Physical Therapy. 

In 2016 Thomas won the Arizona Rock & Roll Marathon and in 2017 he ran the Boston Marathon in 2 hours and 18 minutes, finishing 16th overall. 

Thomas loves the ocean and finds solace in the mountains. He believes in change, progression, music, fruit snacks, books, beards, struggle, tolerance, smiles, balance, and the law of the harvest. He loves his girls... He believes that analyzing your happiness is counterproductive. He believes that analyzing others's "energy" is passing judgement. He believes that food should look beautiful and taste good. He's not a big fan of loud noises, big trucks or narrow minds. He believes that most people and situations respond best to love. He believes in endurance athletics. He feels that they provide a microcosmic view of the universe and helps him to better understand his place in it. His favorite workout? "Long swim. Long bike. Long run." What motivates you? "Love."

I Take BioAstin

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