tim marr

tim marr

Pro Triathlete (10+ years), Open Water Swimmer & Running Coach

Tim is passionate about health and wellness and is the Head Run Club Coach in the largest clinic in the state of Hawaii. Some of his race highlights include 6th overall at ITU Long Distance World Champs, 10th overall at Half Ironman World Champs, 15th overall at Ironman Hawaii World Champs, 2007 Half Ironman National Champion, 2006 American Long Distance Champion, Olympic Trials competitor and over 100 multi-sport wins.

On his downtime Tim enjoys spending time with his two children, Sky and Blake. He enjoys surfing and bodyboarding, movies and nights out with friends and a few beers. 


Tim lives by the 80/20 diet rule. 80% of the time he eats pure food that serves a purpose toward nutrition and health. The other 20%? Enjoying beers, pizza and nachos!

I Take BioAstin

Tim's been passionate about BioAstin and Pure Hawaiian Spirulina for over 20 years! They helped him achieve his dreams of becoming one of the best triathletes in the world. He believed so much in the products that he now works for the company that produces BioAstin and Pure Hawaiian Spirulina. He enjoys sharing his passion for the products with customers all over Hawaii and around the world.