3 Awesome Beach Exercises

3 Awesome Beach Exercises

There’s something about exercising on the beach that inspires many people to keep to their fitness routine, even more so than working out on brand new gym equipment, or taking the latest fad fitness class.

Perhaps it’s the body’s direct contact with mother nature, as the sun, wind, surf, and sand energize and uplift the spirit. Maybe it’s the gorgeous views that have the potential to calm the mind and keep one focused on beauty, including the beauty of the human body. Or, perhaps it’s simply the challenge of working out in the sand.

Whatever draws an individual to head to the beach for their fitness session, we’re here to help you get the most from your time on the sand. If you’ve been thinking about hitting the beach for your next workout, consider the following three beach exercises that can be physically and emotionally satisfying.

Beach Crawl

To do the beach crawl, lie on you stomach on the sand. Push yourself up into plank position (like you’re going to do a pushup), and then crawl on your hands and toes for 30 seconds. The beach crawl is a great workout for the arms, back, abs, glutes, and hamstrings.

To challenge yourself even more with this workout, crawl backward for 30 seconds after you’ve done your forward motion. Repeat this exercise 3 times, with 20-second rests in between each exercise.

Alternating Slow Run and Spring

Begin this exercise in the wet sand, just at the water’s edge. Start running with 10 sprint steps, and then follow with 20 slower running steps. After you’re done, jog back down to where you began. Repeat this drill 5 times, taking a 20-second break in between each run-sprint session.

This exercise works out your glutes, hamstrings, and calves, and it helps strengthen your ankles and feet, as well.

Lunges in the Sand

Start your sand lunges anywhere on the beach. Begin by lunging forward with your left foot, placing the foot where it will be directly underneath your knee when you’re in the lunge position.

Immediately bring your back foot up to meet your front. Then, lunge forward with the right foot, bringing your back foot up to meet it afterward. Do 10 lunges on each foot, then take a rest break for a minute, turn around, and repeat the lunges until you’re back to the spot you started in.

These three exercises for the beach will challenge your body to get in shape, and they can make your workout more enjoyable. When you find exercises that you like to do, you’ll likely be more committed to keeping to a fitness schedule on a regular basis.

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