Astaxanthin Supplements

Astaxanthin Supplements

Astaxanthin supplements offer easy access to the most protective antioxidant in the world. This super-antioxidant is capable of protecting the central nervous system, the brain, the eyes, and more. In fact, natural astaxanthin is one of the only antioxidants that is capable of protecting the entire cell - both the water soluble part as well as the fat soluble part. It can travel throughout the entire body and protect cells in all our organs, muscles and tissues.

How Astaxanthin Is Cultivated

While astaxanthin is found naturally in the wild in the form of the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis, the astaxanthin that is used to make Nutrex Hawaii's BioAstin capsules is extracted from hygienically grown microalgae harvested on the pristine Kona Coast of Hawaii's Big Island. 

Sourcing location plays a large role in the quality of astaxanthin, and Hawaii's Kona coast offers optimum growing conditions, thanks to its pristine, nutrient-rich waters, heavenly climate, and 12 months of generous sunlight. This trio of environmental factors enables the astaxanthin that is used in BioAstin to be of the highest quality and potency possible.

The Nutrex Hawaii microalgae farm in Hawaii is considered a BioSecure Zone. This means that it is completely free of harmful pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified organisms.

How Should Astaxanthin Supplements Be Taken?

If you are taking an astaxanthin nutritional supplement as a general part of your daily health maintenance regimen, then 4 to 6 mg of BioAstin per day is recommended. However, if you are taking astaxanthin for serious joint or tendon health problems, or if you're an athlete or someone who does a lot of physical work or exercise, then 12 mg per day is generally recommended. It is important to note that since astaxanthin is a fat-soluble carotenoid, it works best when taking it with food, as fat aids in the absorption of the antioxidant.

Astaxanthin Supplements vs. Natural Forms of Astaxanthin

There are several different ways to incorporate more astaxanthin into one's diet, such as eating foods that are naturally rich in the antioxidant, like salmon. But even though salmon has the highest concentration of any food, you'd have to eat over a pound each day of most salmon species to get the equivalent amount of Astaxanthin in one 4 mg capsule!

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