Beach Meditation Exercises

Beach Meditation Exercises

The beach is a wonderful place to meditate, because it offers direct contact with the life energy of Mother Nature, and its gentle yet powerful sensations remind us of the power of simplicity. The sun, wind, water, and sand aren’t complicated and they don’t have to try hard to affect change. They simply are. They’re powerful because of their inherent nature, just like we humans are when we learn to settle down and simplify things.

If desired to engage in meditation practice, and meditating on the beach where source energy is abundant, consider the following beach meditation exercises to help begin a daily practice.

Imagery Meditation

For this meditation exercise, you can tap into the images you see all around you when sitting down on the beach, or you can imagine it looking a bit different in your mind. Sit with your legs crossed on the sand, and drop your hands to your side so that they rest on the sand. Take a deep breath in through your nose, hold it for a count of three, and then let it out through your mouth.

Close your eyes. Allow yourself to imagine the beach as it looks most beautiful to you. Imagine the sand beneath you, the water in front of you, the sky above, and even the wildlife and people around you. Conjure up the image of the perfect beach experiences you may have had in the past. As you do, allow yourself to hear the sounds around you or make up ideal beach sounds in your mind.

The key is to take the space where you are, and to learn to receive from it exactly what you want. Meditate on your beach setting for five minutes. Let yourself relax and appreciate the beauty of our planet.

Sand Play

Playing with sand isn’t just for children. It’s a good way to slow down and connect with the natural world, and to allow ourselves to appreciate what has come before us and how lucky we are to be here now.

For sand play meditation, go to the beach and settle in wherever you feel most comfortable. Take your shoes off and sit with your feet dug into the sand. Gather up wet or dry sand in your hands, and look at the grains closely. Begin to think about how long that sand has been on Earth, what it’s gone through, and how beautiful it is.

Focus on how adaptable it is, and how it provides for you and for others. Feel it in your hands, and then make the connection between this natural substance and your own beautiful nature. You too are from the earth, capable of adapting under stress, useful to someone else, and absolutely beautiful. Sit and enjoy the sand for as long as you need to, in order to come to a place of calm and appreciation.

Restoring Calm by Learning From Nature

These meditation exercises for the beach are just a couple of options you can choose to harness that calmness and healing power of nature. You can simply go for a walk on the beach, or play a little in the water.

The goal with beach meditation exercises should be to make the connection between nature and ourselves, and to come to a better understanding of our role in it.

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