Best Hawaiian Beaches for Practicing Yoga

Best Hawaiian Beaches for Practicing Yoga

If you’re planning a trip to Hawaii anytime soon, or if you’re a local looking to get into yoga, then you might try practicing yoga on the beach. Hawaii is known for the scenic beauty and tranquility of its beaches, as just about everyone knows. And this natural combination of aesthetics makes for a great environment to practice your downward-facing dog, warrior’s pose, or mountain asana.

Each of the islands has plenty of great places to take a yoga class indoors, but for the full Hawaii yoga experience, bringing your mat to the beach (especially at sunrise or sunset) should be considered mandatory.

Read on for a quick guide to several places where you can work through your poses surfside in the Aloha State.

Waikiki, Honolulu, Oahu

Let’s start with one of the most popular locations on the islands. Yes, if you are staying at Waikiki, there are beach yoga classes offered right there on the beach at the eastern end. The location for the classes is just a short walk from the crowds and general business of Waikiki, and classes are relatively inexpensive.

Kuilima Cove, Kahuku, Oahu

Kuilima Cove, on the quieter North Shore of Oahu, is a beautiful and peaceful place to practice yoga. The adjacent Turtle Bay Resort offers daily yoga classes to both guests and non-guests for a very reasonable drop-in price. You can also buy a punch card to redeem over the course of your stay that will reduce the price even farther.

Poipu Beach Park, Kiahuna Beach, Koloa, Kauai

At Kiahuna beach near the southernmost point on the island of Kauai, the Sheraton Kauai Resort offers yoga classes to resort guests and visitors alike. If you’d prefer to practice on your own at a public beach, then nearby Poipu Beach Park is just as spectacular and even closer to the southern tip of the island.

Keawakapu Beach, Wailea, Maui

Just south of Maalaea Bay and just north of Wailea Makena on Maui’s Western Shore resides an excellent string of beaches on which to practice yoga at sunset, which is a literal feast for the senses. There is a studio nearby on South Kihei Road that offers affordable classes on the beach, or you can go solo at any of the nearby public beaches and practice on your own.

Practicing Yoga on a Hawaiian Beach at Sunset Can Be the Experience of a Lifetime

Yoga, whether practiced with a group in a class-type setting or practiced alone, is a worthwhile, healthy pursuit. If you’re planning a trip to Hawaii or you live on the islands and you’re a practitioner of yoga, then make sure you take the time to practice on the beach at least once. It’s roundly considered to be the experience of a lifetime, and it’s hard to imagine any activity not being even better when done on a beach in Hawaii. Yoga is definitely no exception!