Best Relaxation Techniques When on the Go

Best Relaxation Techniques When on the Go

Taking time out of each day to relax is a good way to keep the mind, body, and spirit focused, feeling good, and healthy. Many people realize this, but some don’t know how to work any time for relaxation into their day. Further, those who try to make space for relaxation often don’t know what to do with the time they’ve set aside.

The great thing about relaxation is that it doesn’t require any lengthy commitments or rigid rules. A mere three to five minutes each day, filled with simple relaxation techniques, can be all one needs to stay on track, to energize for the next task at hand, or to bring a bit of calm into am otherwise busy day.

The following are a few easy and quick relaxation techniques that can be practiced on the go, whether you want to focus your mind in the morning, recoup in the middle of a challenging afternoon, or settle your body for rest before bedtime.

One-Minute Breath Exercise

Even if you only have a minute to relax, you can put a powerful breathing technique into practice to calm your mind, body, and spirit. Stand or sit still in an upright position with elongated posture (but keep the body at ease, not stiff). Place one hand below your navel, with your palm facing your stomach, so you can feel your breath.

Allow the other hand to hang down. Breathe in to a count of three, pause for a count of three, and then breathe out for a count of three. Repeat this breathing exercise for about one minute, focusing on your inhalations and exhalations.

Count Down From 10

For this quick relaxation technique, stop and stay still wherever you are. If you’re standing, hold onto something for support. Close your eyes and count down from 10 to zero, slowly.

At each number, inhale deeply and then exhale deeply. Breathe out with an open mouth. As you say each number to yourself, try to imagine your body getting incrementally more relaxed until you hit zero, which will represent total relaxation.

Complete Body Relaxation

Sit on a chair or on the floor, and focus on the crown of your head. Inhale as deeply as you can, and when you exhale, imagine that your crown is being completely relaxed and all tension is being pushed out. On your next inhalation, focus on your eyes, and with your exhalation, envision all tension being released from your eyes.

Continue this pattern of inhalation and exhalation as you work your way down your body, focusing on key parts that will be relaxed and removed of tension. When you get to your feet, you should be feeling completely relaxed and at ease.

In addition to these quick relaxation techniques, you can gently tap the pressure point where your wrist and palm meet, or you can sniff a vile of essential oils that you can keep handy, in a purse or bag you have with you regularly.

Relaxation is of massive benefit to those looking to relieve tension or anxiety and improve health. Be sure to check with Nutrex Hawaii to learn about many other facets of health and fitness and find incredible health supplements as well.