Can you live plant based and be an athlete?

Can you live plant based and be an athlete?


Nutrex Hawaii Ambassador Beata Tou, who works in hospitality enjoys swimming, competing in triathlons, rock climbing and yoga - all while living a plant based lifestyle.

Regarding her diet, Beata says, “I eat plant based because I feel it’s best not only for my body, but also the environment. My cells get clean, nutrient dense fuel and the earth is a little better off with one less person consuming animal products.”

Because Beata works the hotel industry, she is constantly around people. She takes Pure Hawaiian Spirulina to keep her immune system strong. She can push herself mentally at work and physically in training. Supplementing her eating regimen with Hawaiian Spirulina and BioAstin ensures that her body has the nutrients it needs to keep performing daily.

How do you keep your energy up?

“I find that having a routine is the key to maintaining steady energy day in and day out. I try to wake up/go to sleep around the same time - regardless of my work schedule. A consistent sleep pattern helps me train both mornings and evenings AND still have enough energy to go all day at work.”

“In addition to consistency, diet is the other key part. I'm not a big coffee drinker or junk food eater. High sugar foods/beverages provide a temporary boost of energy that's usually followed by a crash. I eat plant based and drink mostly water. My meals are colorful combinations of complex carbs, proteins, fruits, and veggies. My mid-day snacks are fruit, granola bars, or nuts.”

What do you eat for protein?


“I don't really look at my food and think ‘where is my protein?’ My aim is to eat whole food, plant based meals that incorporate all the vitamins, minerals, and proteins my body needs for healthy function. A well-rounded diet ensures all the nutrients our cells need are present for internal balance and external performance.”

“To answer your question: lots of veggies, leafy greens, nuts, and legumes. The amount of protein in spinach or broccoli is similar or higher to that of beef or chicken. Yes, you must eat more of it for the same caloric intake but that's relatively easy if you include veggies in every meal. For example, I throw a handful of spinach into my morning smoothies and into my dinners.”

“My favorite way to make garbanzo beans is to sauté them with coconut oil, garlic powder, and cayenne (amounts depend on your flavor preference). When done right, they get crispy and add a nice crunch. I'll put them in my pastas in addition to the veggies already in the sauce.”

Do you have a favorite vegan recipe?

“I have many! Most of my recipes are simple and meal prep-able for ease when I'm balancing working and training.”

“I make an awesome quinoa black bean dish! A newer favorite is cauliflower curry with rice. Both these recipes can be modified to what ingredients you have on hand or prefer to use. I've introduced these dishes, and others, to my meat eating friends and they hardly notice the lack of animal product when they comment on how much they like the food.”

“Being an athlete, plant based or not, you are more in tune with your body. I feel strong and energetic, and I attribute that to my diet and active lifestyle. You notice differences in performance when you indulge in not-so-healthy foods. You become more conscious of what you put in your body as well as what it takes to keep your machine working effortlessly.”

Beata Tou is an ambassador for Nutrex Hawaii, makers of BioAstin and Pure Hawaiian Spirulina