Get Toned for Summer Beach Season With These Exercises

Get Toned for Summer Beach Season With These Exercises

Like it or love it, summer is coming. Let’s be honest, unless it is summer, summer is always coming. But don’t panic. No matter what season we’re in, you have plenty of time to get your body toned and ready for the beach. You just need to focus on doing a couple of exercises a few times a week, and make sure you are eating healthy. If you can do those two things, then you’ll be ready before the mercury gets above seventy.

Read on for our summer beach session training program menu. We’ve taken the best of circuit training and cardio training, and served it up to help get you ready for your bathing suit. After all, the combination of circuit training and cardio will tone you faster than just about anything else could. You know what you need to do, so get out there and do it!

Circuit Training

Circuit training is a great way to get in shape fast. The rapid succession of strength training exercises beats back the boredom that accompanies other types of exercise, while the combination of quick moves helps you tone muscles while burning fat and calories.

Work through each of these circuits twice, with a ninety-second rest period in between circuits. Do this three times a week, but not on consecutive days.

Circuit one:

Pushups – fifteen reps: Knee pushups are acceptable to start. 
Step Ups – fifteen reps on each leg: Bonus points for using dumbbells with this one. 
Triceps Dips – fifteen reps: Can be done at home with the use of a sturdy chair.

Circuit two:

Squat Jumps – fifteen reps: Bonus points for using dumbbells again. 
Crunches – fifteen reps: Remember to slow down and breathe to get the most out of this one. 
Wall Sit – thirty seconds: Just like in grade school, only harder.

Circuit three:

Lunges – fifteen reps: Bonus points for using dumbbells with this one.
Bicycle crunches – fifteen reps: Do the best you can to touch elbows to knees at the beginning. 
Side Plank with Leg Raise – fifteen reps: Leg raises without side-planking are acceptable to start.


On the in-between days, and on weekends for bonus points, do thirty to forty-five minutes of your favorite cardio exercise. Consider mixing up activities like running, cycling, and walking to get the best results. And try to get out of the gym and enjoy the great outdoors instead – it’s an easy way to motivate yourself to go that extra step, or just one more mile.

Getting Your Body Ready for Summer Can Be a Blast

With our combination of circuit training and cardio, you’re sure to have a great time getting your body beach-ready. Summer may always be just around the corner, but putting in a little bit of disciplined time a few days a week is sure to have you ready for beach season in no time.

Remember that a healthy diet, in-addition to exercise, is paramount to achieving a great beach body. Adding in a few healthy supplements such as Hawaiian Spirulina or BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin can go a long way in providing your body with much needed energy and support.