May 2024

I believe the highest degree is not “M.D.” or “Ph.D.” - it’s MOM. 

Moms, the greatest gift you can give yourself, your children, and your own mom is: The gift of health.


Here are three starter tips for healthy living:

1. Read – and do – The Dr. Sears T5 Wellness Plan: Five Changes in Five Weeks

Jumpstart your life-long plan for healthy living. In this book you will learn the five keys to healthy living.

  • Move smart!
  • Eat smart!
  • Sleep smart!
  • Think smart!
  • Share smart!


2. Eat enough antioxidants.

Unhealthy aging is mainly due to excess oxidation (wear and tear) on your tissues.  To be sure you get enough antioxidants in your daily diet to balance and help prevent the oxidation of aging, eat:

    • Omega-3 DHA/EPA healthy fats
    • Vitamin D – the “sunshine vitamin”
    • Astaxanthin - the antioxidant that makes salmon pink and one of Dr. Mother Nature’s most powerful antioxidants.

Think: antioxidants help slow maternal aging. 

Some great gifts you can give your mom around Mother’s Day are:

    • The reading resource mentioned above: The Dr. Sears T5 Wellness Plan.
    • Model health for your mom. If your mom is transitioning into senior hood, senior mothers are so pleased when their adult children make health their hobby.
    • Help your own mom stay healthy. Give yourself, and your mom, a gift that keeps on giving: the gift of antioxidant health in our booklet: Natural Astaxanthin, Hawaii’s Supernutrient (Click Here to Download). One of nature’s most powerful antioxidants is Hawaiian Astaxanthin®. In this booklet, I share with you my tour of the “red lakes” in Hawaii where Hawaiian Astaxanthin® is grown. Remember my mantra for selecting a supplement: “grown in nature, not manufactured in a laboratory.” Hawaiian Astaxanthin® is grown in nature. Read how Dr. Bill’s awesome antioxidant-rich diet supports a healthy: brain, heart, eyes, joints, skin, and immune system.*


       3. Move more, sit less.

      As you go from motherhood to seniorhood, avoid the modern malady that so many seniors fall into – what I call “the sitting disease.”  When you were younger your mother, Dr. Mom, my favorite fitness trainer, preached: “Go outside and play!”  Now it’s time for you to preach back to her: “Mom, go outside and play!  See my related article on how movement outdoors helps you make your own medicines (Stephanie, enter link to “Go Outside and Play – The Neuroscience of Movement in Nature”).

      Happy Mother’s Day from Dr. William Sears!


      *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

      Consult your healthcare provider before starting a new diet, exercise, or health program.  Results may vary. 

      Dr. Sears is a Nutrex-Hawaii ambassador.