Healthy Aging Tips from a Pro

Healthy Aging Tips from a Pro

September 2023

Most of you have heard of the Blue Zones. These are the historical, geographic and cultural areas of the World that have the highest quality of life and the longest longevity cord. Why are these areas that dot the planet from Okinawa, Greek Islands, Sardinia and even areas in the US surpass the “normal” life expectancy.

Summing up the similarities and also adding tangible steps for your own life destiny is the premise of this month’s topic. Why dive into this topic?

 I’m evaluating my entire lifestyle and truly dissecting what is healthy and also what is detrimental for the rest of life. On the cusp of 70 years old and being involved with athletics, health, nutrition, stress and altering consequential negative health factors - this topic is true to my heart.

Most of us understand the unhealthy aging curve that is surrounded by media and pharmaceutical smothering about taking a drug to cure or temper our trajectory. Masking problems does not lead to long term solutions and obviously by my comment, my directives are not fueling yourself with drugs but adding healthy lifestyle changes.

Destructive health and lifestyle changes don’t just happen when you’re a senior citizen but the damage can begin in your late twenties. Having a stand offish stance is merely denial and ignorance! So let’s look at health areas that may need a bit more attention.

If you have any of these 15 symptoms - it's time to take action:

  1. Irregular sleep
  2. Ongoing stress
  3. GI issues - bloating, gas, constipation and more
  4. Skin outbreaks that heal slowly
  5. Asthma, coughing, ongoing colds
  6. Multiple bouts of viruses
  7. Brain fog and inability to focus
  8. Weight gain and muscle loss
  9. Anxiety that drenches your mind
  10. Brain fog and lack of clarity
  11. Lack of socialization with friends
  12. Irregular or non-existence daily exercise Feelings of hopelessness
  13. Confidence has eroded
  14. Healthy Nutrition has fallen off

 The list is daunting and even if you’ve tabulated two or three, it’s still time to redirect your health.

So, let’s look at these 8 healthy steps and proactive measures to negate and improve your current status: 

  1. Immune systems are compromised with all 15 of the negative symptoms. Gut/ Brain connection begins in your stomach and taking a probiotic first thing upon awakening is paramount for the potential to improve health. The strains of Bifidobacterium are the foundation for a healing gut microbiota.  
  2. Digestive Enzymes help break down your macronutrients; Carbohydrates, Protein and in combination with the Probiotic take digestive enzymes at your first meal. 
  3. Evaluate and eliminate destructive food choices which includes:
    • All seed oils that are locked into almost all packaged foods - canola, cotton, corn, safflower, sunflower, soy and yes peanut oils. Ditch all of these and read your labels!
    • Sugar drinks including juices, sweetened teas, Gatorade like products This includes orange, grape, cranberry and apple juices. Eat the fruit but don’t drink it! 
    • Grains need to be dramatically reduced including breads, pasta, flour.
4. Alcohol is sketchy - reduce it if you’re inclined to drink regularly!
5. Add more protein and beef based is more nutrient dense than plant
6. Add strength training (my next article I’ll show you some magical body weight and stretch cord exercises) with cardio. If you walk, which is excellent, - walk up hills and walk faster!
7.Turn off your computer, TV and tablets 2 hours before your defined bed time.
8.Try a longer time restricted eating segment. There is extensive data on extending the time from your last meal (dinner) to your first meal. See if you can bump this window up to 14- 16 hours 3x/ week.

OK, this is a start and I hope you can take some positive steps to slow down, negate the demise in your current health and revamp the direction for optimal health.

 ~Dave Scott

This is not intended to be medical advice.  Consult your healthcare provider before starting a new diet, exercise or health program. 

*These Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.