How to Build Muscle with your Diet

How to Build Muscle with your Diet

When researching muscle and fitness information, it is common to find products promising greater muscle development through powders, pills, special exercises, and the like. Many of these claims are dubious at best, though some are legitimate.

Regardless, there is another proven effective way to supplement the muscle building that everyone is already working on that doesn’t involve buying another exercise machine or another powder or pill.

People can actually build muscle faster and easier, and retain that muscle just by making changes in diet.

Top Muscle Building Foods

Many people who may otherwise be into the fitness aspects of their body-sculpting practice, neglect to focus on nutrition. Perhaps they feel that if they’re working out often enough at the gym, then they shouldn’t have to pay attention to the “what,” the “when,” and the “how much” of where their fuel is coming from.

This is a mistake for several reasons. Primary among these reasons is the fact that these people are robbing themselves of the potential their diet has to make the changes they’re looking for happen faster and better.

There are several foods that by their very nature are efficient muscle builders, supplying the body with the protein and essential vitamins and minerals needed to repair, strengthen, and grow lean muscle mass.

Among these foods are some obvious ones, like lean beef and skinless chicken, as well as some surprising ones like cottage cheese (almost pure casein protein), eggs (proven to be good for now), fish (lean protein and naturally occurring antioxidants), and oatmeal (low GI and high-fiber).

These foods, when eaten regularly, can actually add muscle to the body’s frame without having to spend countless hours working out. However, eating a diet rich in lean protein foods in addition to challenging exercise is a sure way to see results when exercising in the gym

A Little Something Extra

If, however, the diet is already healthy, including items from the list above into a routine, and working out – some may feel impatient for muscle-building results. At this stage it is common to look to some of the better supplements (the aforementioned powders and pills) to help build muscle faster. Whey protein powder is amongst one of the most popular products weight lifters use to give their body massive amounts of protein to help in muscle building.

Spirulina (an algae-based product) is 60% protein and contains antioxidants, and provides a major all-around nutrition boost. Astaxanthin is another fantastic supplement; an antioxidant shown to aid in muscle repair, speeding recovery, and combats inflammation after strenuous exercise.

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