Push Ups with Dave Scott

Push Ups with Dave Scott

May 2023

Old school pushups are the fundamental exercise to enhance core stability, back strength both anterior and posteriorly simultaneously elevating strength gains for the triceps, shoulders, back and chest. Plus, the regular push up can be done on your knees to offset and reintroduce this amazing exercise.   

I’ve also added this extra series that combines multiple movements in a dynamic flow.  The push up walkups, toe sliders, toe pounders and more are magnificent for the noted areas above - plus the continual movement shocks your muscular - skeletal system to maintain balance and symmetry.  I love this series and you may start them on your knees and with 3-5 repetitions.  You’ll be initially humbled by the sequence that follows the pushups. I teach these to all levels of athletes and emerging fitness enthusiasts that need one super exercise - this is it.

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