January 2023

In my now fifty years in medical practice and after helping many persons keep their New Year’s “resolutions,” I’ve learned what lasts and what doesn’t.  “Resolutions” are often superficial and temporary. “Transformation” is an inside job, one that can last a lifetime.  I wish you a feel-good transformation of mind and body. 

Rather than preach the same old weight loss stuff that usually fails – biggest losers often “deform” into the biggest regainers – here’s my top transformation tip:

Make blood vessel health your hobby.

 We all need a “project” or hobby.  An often overlooked and undervalued cause of poor health is poor blood flow to tissues.  One of my favorite principles of medicine, and one I wish for you in 2023, is to remember that every organ of your body is only as healthy as the blood vessels supplying it. 

Better blood vessels, better health.

 Here are the four steps to blood vessel health to feel the effects the fastest.  In my experience, the sooner a person experiences “Wow, I’m starting to feel better!” the more likely they are to continue doing it and eventually craving it.  Ultimately, this habit becomes part of their daily transformation plan for life. 


We often forget our New Year’s transformation, so here’s how to remember it.  Go to our website,  Post these “Healthy Reminders” all over your home, office, or even cellphone wallpaper as a constant reminder of your New Year’s transformation.   

  1. VIEW IT!

Go to for our page about the ”endothelial pharmacy.”  Watch a 7½ minute animated journey through the arteries of your body to understand why the lining of your blood vessels is your own personal pharmacy, and you will realize why we chose blood vessel health as our top health tip for 2023.  Re-view this video reminder as often as you can.  After watching this video you will take home a related transformation tip:

Move more, sit less!

 Blood vessel health depends upon:

  • Little or no sticky stuff adhering to the lining of your blood vessels
  • Flexible, elastic walls that easily expand with each heartbeat. That’s the pulse you feel.

Movement (aka “exercise”) helps blood vessel tissues be healthier.  There is no medicine in the world that has as many healthy effects on your blood vessels as movement. 

I believe one of the top illnesses that happened to many of us in the past two years (2020-2022) was the illness-effects of the “sitting disease.”  This year is the time to get moving.  As a related New Year’s wish: 

Make 2023 your year for fewer pills and more self-help skills.



One of my mantras for better blood flow is keep sticky stuff off your endothelial lining.  Think of “sticky stuff” as the “inflammatory markers” or what your doctor measures during your annual check-up in your metabolic profile.  Like rust build-up in water pipes, when you put sticky stuff in your mouth you get sticky stuff on the lining of your arteries, and your arteries stiffen.  “Smooth” and “stretchy” are on the “nice list” for blood vessel health; “stiff” and “sticky” are on the “naughty list” for blood vessel health.

Medically speaking, sticky stuff is called “oxidants” or “oxidation” –  the main contributor to stiff and sticky arteries.  That’s the problem.

Your New Year’s solution: eat more antioxidants.


As I was studying how antioxidants better your blood flow, I interviewed marathon runners on the Big Island of Hawaii, figuring they knew that better blood flow means better running.  Many of them took one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, Hawaiian Astaxanthin, harvested from seaplants grown in ponds on the Big Island of Hawaii. 

As a show-me-the-science doctor, I studied many articles on astaxanthin and there are four ways that astaxanthin can help cardiovascular health*:

  • Supports a healthy oxidative balance
  • Supports keeping inflammatory marker (CRP) levels at a normal range.
  • It helps keep blood lipid levels at a normal range. 
  1. STUDY IT!

Stock your “transform me for ‘23” library with these references:

-Natural Astaxanthin: Hawaii’s Supernutrient, by William Sears, 2015.

-The Inflammation Solution: When Everything Works and Nothing Hurts, by William Sears, 2015.

-The Dr. Sears T5 Wellness Plan: Transform Your Mind and Body, Five Changes in Five Weeks, by William Sears and Erin Sears-Basile, 2017.

 Coming articles for 2023:

Blood vessel health will be our monthly theme for most of 2023. Stay tuned for our January article: Better Blood Vessels, Better Brain Health.  I wish you a happy New Year’s transformation!

-Dr. Bill

 Dr. Sears serves on Nutrex Hawaii's Medical Advisory Board.

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Contact your healthcare provider prior to beginning any new exercise or diet plan.