Why I Recommend Seafood - including 'Seaplants' - Dr. William Sears

Why I Recommend Seafood - including 'Seaplants' - Dr. William Sears

“Doctor, what is one smart nutritional change I can make to have the health I want?” 

My answer: “Eat more seafood!”  While this answer may surprise you, seafood, science says, contains the most nutrients for the two hungriest organs in your body – your brain and heart.

When I give my “seafood speech” some persons respond, “But I’m a vegan!” or “I don’t like fish!  Okay, here’s the solution to the seafood concern.  Seafood can include a “seaplant” source.

A smart nutrient in seafood is astaxanthin, the natural nutrient that makes salmon pink.  I added Hawaiian Astaxanthin® to my must-eat supplement recommendations after visiting some lakes on the Big Island of Hawaii to learn how this reddish-pink algae plant is grown in the sea – seafood.  To learn more about why astaxanthin is called a neuroprotectant and antioxidant read my book, Natural Astaxanthin, Hawaii’s Supernutrient. 

My top pick for the most nutritious seafood is wild salmon because it is rich in the top nutrients for total-body health: omega-3 fats, astaxanthin, and vitamin D.  If you don’t eat these nutrients in fish, then you can still get them in science-based supplements.  

Remember this logic in deciding on a supplement:  Show me the science.  If I don’t eat it, but I need it, therefore I must take it. 

Omega-3 fats are the smartest fat in wild salmon and in your brain.  That is why I’ve been using the memorable term “fathead” in my medical consultations for over twenty years. And, there are over 22,000 scientific articles supporting how omega-3 fats help your health.  

The third supplement in my featured triad is vitamin D, of which salmon is a rich source.  (For more information about vitamin D, see my book The Healthy Brain Book)

My wish for you is to enjoy more seafood and seafood supplements as one of the smartest eating changes you can make. 

– Dr. Bill Sears

*Consult your personal health care provider before undertaking any new diet, exercise or health plan.  Always seek medical advice if you believe you are sick or are experiencing a medical condition.

Dr. Sears serves on Nutrex Hawaii's Medical Advisory Board.



Dr. Bill Sears has been practicing medicine for over 40 years. He received his medical degree from St. Louis University and medical training at Harvard University, the University of Toronto and the National Institute of Health. Dr. Sears has been a clinical professor at the University of South Carolina, University of Southern California School of Medicine and University of Irvine School of Medicine.

Dr. Sears is the author of 45 books including nutrition and wellness titles, including The T5 Wellness Plan, Prime-Time Health, The Family Nutrition Book, The Omega-3 Effect, The Inflammation SolutionThe Healthy Pregnancy Book, The Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood, L.E.A.N. Kids, among others. He has spoken at numerous scientific conferences all over the world and has successfully motivated others to make positive health behavior changes through practical applications of simple and science-based strategies. Dr. Sears has been featured on 20/20, Dateline, Good Morning America, The Today Show, The View, PBS, CNN, Dr. Phil, The Doctors, and Oprah.