Mermaid Noodle Bowl

Mermaid Noodle Bowl

Our new favorite way to add spirulina to any rice noodle dish! Turns the noodles a cool blue color and it’s such an easy and practical addition!

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Servings - 1


- 1 serving glass noodles (bean thread/mung bean noodles) or rice noodles
- 1-2 teaspoons Hawaiian Spirulina powder
- ½ cup chopped lettuce
- ¼ block of tofu (can use raw tofu, but you can also sauté the tofu in a pan over medium heat with soy sauce until golden on each side) or 1 serving of edamame/chickpeas
- Veggies of choice (carrot and bell pepper, other good veggies would be cucumber, cabbage, broccoli, bean sprouts, radish, mushrooms)
- ½ an avocado
- Crushed almonds or cashews
- Lemon/lime
- Soy sauce and/or teriyaki sauce
- Optional, sriracha


1. Cook the noodles as instructed, drain and rinse with cool water. Add them to a bowl and mix spirulina throughout the noodles.
2. Add the noodles to your serving bowl, top with veggies of choice, tofu, avocado, crushed nuts, lemon juice, and soy sauce/sauce of choice and enjoy!