Spirulina Chia Oat Pudding

Spirulina Chia Oat Pudding

Created by: @eden_naturally 

I’m forever team “never skip breakfast!” Breakfast, is intended to “break” the “fast” your body experiences overnight, making it very important to nourish yourself upon waking to sustain your energy for the day⚡️  

When it comes to choosing what to eat, always make sure you have a protein source, whether its plant based, or not, protein will keep your body balanced.



✨2 Tbsp. of chia seeds 

✨1/3 cup oats 

✨1 tsp. Hawaiian Spirulina 

✨Plant based vanilla protein powder of choice 

✨Soy milk 



Mix all ingredients, store overnight in the fridge to thicken. Top with fruit & enjoy a healthy breakfast☺️