Spirulina Fish Tacos

Spirulina Fish Tacos


- organic corn tortillas
- Paiche (sustainable, extremely low mercury white fish)
- spinach
- 1 TSP Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica


- warm tortillas in oven.
- Pan cook Paiche.
- Slice Paiche and place in tortillas over spinach and Spirulina.


This is an excellent dish for avoiding many of the common dinner-time culprits contributing to unhealthy dieting. Corn tortillas are a much healthier alternative to flour tortillas as they have fewer calories, less fat, and even a fair amount of fiber. Paiche is high in essential Omega-3s, low in fat, and includes extremely low amounts of the potentially dangerous organic compound, mercury—commonly found in some fish. Also included is Hawaiian Spirulina. This supernutrient harnesses the benefits of microalgae and offers a wide variety of health benefits including immune health, eye health, and much more.