I don't want to be without Astaxanthin!

I don't want to be without Astaxanthin!

by Debbie Symons from Alberta, Canada

I wanted to give a testimonial to your BioAstin - I just finished my first order of 4 bottles of the 12 mg format....and ran out for 2 weeks. I forgot I used to have a sore lower back that would not go away with exercise, massage or other modalities. I noticed big time - as soon as I ran out of your great product - my back has been sore again - I just did a reorder and now will no longer allow it to run out. 

I am 56 years old and have been a runner for over 25 years and active otherwise as well - I own my own business - so I need to always be healthy and active. 
Love it! Love it! Love it! 
Fan for Life! 

Debbie x


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