Superfoods incorporated in my daily life

Superfoods incorporated in my daily life

by Brant Page from Hawaii

Aloha, My name is Brant Page. I'm 65 years old, retired coffee farmer & avid surfer well know on the islands. I have been featured in movies and magazine articles in Europe, Japan & South America for my surfing and farming here in Kona. I also had my invention of the finger boards published in the Surfers Journal in 1994. 

I have had lots of heavy laborious jobs in my past: e.g, dish washer, bus boy, waiter in my earlier years. Then I operated the jackhammer, did carpentry & construction, auto body & paint and rock wall building as well. I'm also a drummer going now for about 50 years. After years of abusing my body, I now have degenerative hip problems and suffer discomfort from swelling in that area including in my neck and back spine. I also had been suffering from golfers elbow.

A surfer acquaintance of mine approached me with info on BioAstin from Nutrex Hawaii. He said that it was really effective at supporting a normal inflammatory response and that it helped him to recover from his injuries due to heavy labor of building rock walls. So, I bought myself a bottle of BioAstin and took it daily for about a month which is when I began to feel real relief from my swelling and discomfort. It really is effective in my day to day activities and I will continue to use BioAstin and suggest it to others who would greatly benefit from using this product.

I started taking Spirulina as it was introduced to me from a co-worker friend of mine. It is nutrient rich and satisfying. It gives me powerful endurance to successfully complete hard laborious type of jobs.

BioAstin & Spirulina are indeed super foods that I have incorporated into my daily life. I am confident about telling others about the healthful benefits of these two products. I'm proud to know that both of these products are made right here in Hawaii.

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