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Is Spirulina Safe for Kids?

In a word, yes! Spirulina, like many other plant-based super foods, is absolutely safe for kids to eat. As food, spirulina represents a complete vegetarian protein source. When it is sourced safely and administered correctly, it can be a fantastic supplement for adults and children.

The keys to safely giving your kids spirulina is to know that you are getting it from a safe, reputable source, and to know how much to give them.

Safe Sourcing of Spirulina

Any of the negative attention spirulina has received in regards to its safety has to do with the unethical practices of a few harvesters and producers. Spirulina, like many of the other forms of blue-green algae, can be contaminated with certain substances, such as carotenoids from the water in which it is grown.

This is why it is especially important that you only purchase your spirulina, for yourself and for your children, from a reputable, trusted source, like Nutrex Hawaii. We only use the purest water and the safest, most ethical harvesting methods.

Getting the Correct Amount of Spirulina in Your Child’s Diet

Children are smaller than adults – that much is obvious. Because of this, the correct amount of Spirulina to give your children will differ depending on their age and weight. The typical correct amount will be less than an adult serving. Consider consulting your primary caregiver prior to giving your children any supplement, including spirulina. That said, spirulina is a food and as such it is safe for children.

Spirulina’s Wealth of Health Benefits

Spirulina’s health benefits as a source of plant-based complete protein may get most of the attention from nutritionists, bloggers, and journalists, but did you know that spirulina also brings a host of non-protein health benefits with it?

Spirulina is an excellent source of complex B vitamins, beta carotene, and a wide variety of essential minerals, as well. In studies, it has been shown to have beneficial effects on the immune system and the disease resistance of cells.

Other Considerations That Make Spirulina an Exceptional Source of Nutrition for your Children

Not only is spirulina a great source of protein and many of the other essential building blocks of whole nutrition in a sound diet, but it also comes without the ecological compromises of many other protein sources. When spirulina is harvested, packaged, and distributed ethically, it has almost no negative impact on our fragile ecosystem.

Unlike animal-based sources of protein, the production of spirulina does not produce harmful green-house gases, deplete our world’s dwindling fresh water supply, or contaminate the water table. With all that in mind, spirulina is basically a guilt-free nutritional powerhouse – and one that’s good for both you and your children.

It is very important for children to begin healthy eating habits at a young age because rich nutrition is not only necessary for their bodies to grow, but it can also influence the way they eat throughout their life. Nutrex Hawaii’s unadulterated Pure Hawaiian Spirulina is an excellent source of rich nutrition that is safe for children and can easily be included into their diet.