Turmeric and Astaxanthin - A Healthy Partnership

Turmeric and Astaxanthin - A Healthy Partnership


June 2022

In my now fifty years of medical practice, one of my rules of smart supplement selecting is: It should be made by Nature, not synthetically in a laboratory.  When you partner one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, the sea plant astaxanthin, with turmeric, another nutrient-dense land plant – your body “likes!”

Here’s a summary of what science says:

Partners in Health 
 Astaxanthin  Turmeric 

Supports heart health

 Relaxes stiff blood vessels

Supports a smarter immune system

Neuroprotective for the brain

 Supports Eye Health 

Supports Skin Health 

Supports stressed muscles and joints  

In my book, Natural Astaxanthin: Hawaii’s Supernutrient, I explain the many health-supporting effects of Hawaiian astaxanthin.  Therefore, I was ecstatic to learn about TurmericAstin® - one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, astaxanthin, paired with turmeric, my favorite head-to-toe spice, especially supporting the health of our brain, heart, and immune system.*  Because of its main healing nutrient, curcumin, turmeric enjoys a long history as a top healing herb in many cultures around the world.

Show me the synergy.  One of the health principles I have taught and lived for decades is the concept of synergy: put certain ingredients together and they bring out more health effects in one another.  Another principle of smartly selecting a nutritional supplement is it’s not only what you eat, but what you absorb that counts.  When I examined the ingredients list of TurmericAstin™ I noticed there were two additional antioxidants: piperine (the main component in black pepper) and olive oil, both of which increase the intestinal absorption of turmeric.  This is why turmeric enjoys top position in my home “medicine cabinet” (aka spice rack).   While some folks don’t savor the taste of turmeric, I enjoy dipping greens into a mixture of a tablespoon of olive oil, a teaspoon of turmeric, and a sprinkling of freshly ground black pepper.

Spice up your brain.  Turmeric has a very positive effect on the brain including anti-inflammatory properties and it maintains healthy antioxidant status of cells.*  We all want to age well.  TurmericAstin improves brain/cognitive health and promotes recovery from mental fatigue.*  Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.* A 2011 study by K. Nakagawa shows that the Astaxanthin the human participants supplemented with was absorbed and present in the red blood cells where it was able to improve antioxidant status by lowering PLOOH in those erythrocytes.*  This effect was seen in 12-weeks and in both the groups that supplemented with 6mg and 12mg of Astaxanthin.  

Spice up your appetite, spice down overeating.  I noticed that when I sprinkled turmeric on my food, I often got so preoccupied by the attention of my taste buds to the turmeric that it helped me enjoy the mouth-feel of the food longer, slowed down my eating, and lessened my temptation to overeat.

In my quest to enjoy longevity – living longer and healthier – I eat an antioxidant-rich diet.  This is also my wish for you!

Dr. Bill


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