• Bio Astin Hawaiian Astaxanthin - 4mg

    Just starting out? This is our lowest dose, for you to ease into it.

    Starter dose

  • BioAstin Gummies - 12 mg

    Your daily antioxidant in a delicious gummy form


  • BioAstin - Vegan

    Vegan BioAstin at introductory dosage you can increase to meet your unique needs.


  • EyeAstin for Eye Health

    Science-backed eye health and blue light protection with astaxanthin, lutein, and zeaxanthin.

    Eye Health With Lutein

  • JointAstin for Joint Health

    Clinically supported, long term joint and tendon support - 100% Vegan

    Joint Health With Glucosamine

  • Hawaiian Spirulina - Tablets

    Revitalize with 3 daily easy to digest superfood tablets for full-body support and caffeine free energy.

    Convenient Tablets

  • Hawaiian Spirulina - Powders

    Energize and nourish your body with our easily digestable Spirulina superfood powder mix for smoothies and more.

    For Smoothies & Shakes

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