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Hawaiian Spirulina 3 A Day 1000mg Tablets - 180ct Spearmint


Hawaiian Spirulina 3 A Day 1000mg Tablets - 180ct Spearmint

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Enjoy all the amazing benefits of our Hawaiian Spirulina in a minty fresh spearmint flavor. Spirulina is one of the healthiest things you can put in your body because it provides support to almost every single organ and bodily function.

Hawaiian Spirulina is 100% vegetarian, 100% vegan, non-GMO, and is free of gluten, lactose, soy, pesticides, herbicides, and solvents.

Some of the key nutrients in our Hawaiian Spirulina include:

• Beta Carotene 
• Iron
• Manganese
• Protein
• Vitamins A, K1, K2, B12
• Other nutrients such as GLA, SOD and phycocyanin

For more details on nutritional content, please visit our typical analysis page.

Benefits of Hawaiian Spirulina

Spirulina is one of nature’s original superfood supplements that supports:*

  • Immunity

    Supports healthy aging by boosting the immune system*

  • Cardiovascular

    Supports normal cholesterol and lipid profiles*

  • Energy

    Supports a healthy and active lifestyle by providing good nourishment*

  • Cells

    Supports overall cellular health*

Suggested Use

Take one 1000mg tablet three times a day (3g). With 60 servings, Spearmint Hawaiian Spirulina lasts for 2 months when taken at the recommended dose.

Read our spirulina reviews and testimonials to see what real hawaiian spirulina users are saying.

Refrigerate after opening to maximize potency and freshness.

Why Take Hawaiian Spirulina?

Hawaiian Spirulina contains natural and functional nutrients that are clinically proven to enhance human health.

  • More nutrition, gram per gram, than any other Spirulina on the market

  • Source of carotenoids, GLA, SOD, and phycocyanin

  • Excellent source of Vitamins A, K1, K2, B12 & Iron

  • Complete protein with essential and non-essential amino acids


  • Q. How many times a day should I take Hawaiian Spirulina? 
    A. The recommended dose is 3,000 mg or 3 grams. Depending on the dosage it may be taken one to three times daily. Some may find it the most beneficial to split their intake throughout the day while others find they get the best boost by taking it all at once.
  • Q. Is Hawaiian Spirulina ok for pregnant women?
    A. Spirulina contains many nutrients that are beneficial to pregnant and nursing women including protein, calcium and iron. It is safe for these women to take, but as always, any diet changes should be discussed with your doctor before undertaking.
  • Q. Can children take spirulina?
    A. Yes. Spirulina has many nutrients for cell health, immunity support, eye health, brain health and other bodily organs beneficial to developing children. It is also perfect for the kids who hate eating vegetables because it can be easily mixed in with other food items and some of their favorite beverages. Check our recipes section for tips on preparing spirulina into everyday food.
  • Q. Can I take Spirulina if I’m on any medications?
    A. Spirulina should not have any impact on individuals taking medications. To be safe, it is always recommended to discuss diet changes with your doctor before taking spirulina if you are taking any medications.
  • Q. How long until I feel the effects of spirulina?
    A. Depending on the dosage taken, each individual’s results may vary. Generally, spirulina’s health benefits are noticed within a matter of weeks. It is important to take the recommended amount on a consistent daily basis to experience the full effects.
  • Q. What are the best times of day to take spirulina?
    A. This depends on the individuals’ preference, but it is usually best utilized when taken in the morning. Taking Hawaiian Spirulina before starting the day is a perfect way to provide your body with ample nutrition to tackle your day head on. The energy boost spirulina provides may impact sleep and should be taken at least 4 hours prior to bedtime.
  • Q. Is there anything I should take in congruence with spirulina?
    A.  BioAstin Astaxanthin is an excellent supplement to add with Hawaiian Spirulina. It is among the world’s most powerful antioxidants and supports brain health, eye health, joint health and much more.
  • Q. What makes Hawaiian Spirulina different from other brands of spirulina?
    A. Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica is unique from other brands of spirulina for a variety of reasons. It is cultivated off the coast of Kona, Hawaii; an area that receives more coastal sunlight than anywhere else in America. It is cultivated in open ponds using 100% fresh potable water and ultra-pure, deep ocean water. Nutrex Hawaii utilizes a patented drying system which is designed to eliminate the oxidation of beneficial carotenes, enzymes and fatty acids that occurs in standard dryers.
  • Q. Are there any age limitations for taking spirulina?
    A. No, spirulina can have huge benefits for the very young, the elderly, and everyone in between. Small children may want to take a lesser dose than adults. 
  • Q. Can I get an adequate amount of spirulina from the food I eat?
    A. No. Spirulina is a green algae that is grown in freshwater lakes, ponds and rivers. It must be taken in supplement form.